Change in-line format for single reference

So I am using an output style that uses superscripted in-line citations however the journal requires that references that follow an actual number must be within parentheses instead of superscripted in order to avoid confusion that the superscript reference may be a mathematical power. So instead of appearing as “the protein Jak2^5” (sorry I don’t know how to superscript on the forum), it must appear as “the protein Jak2 (ref 5)”.

Does this capability exist?


It sounds like you may just need to change the citation’s template so the applicable field (Bibliography) is formatted for superscript and encased within parentheses (see attached image).  If you run into problems attach the style.


*To access the citation template:

1.  Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit [name of your style].

  1. In the output style’s dialog box locate Citations then click on “Templates”. Then type-in the parentheses; next select the Bibliography field and click the superscript button at the top of the window.

  2. Exit the output file dialog box. The modifications will be saved to a new file having the word “Copy” added to the file name so change both EndNote and MS Word to use the new output style.
    Modify Citation Template.gif

Thanks for the speedy reply. If I were to implement your change wouldn’t that impact all the references? Is there a way to have two citation styles within the same output style and to select between the two when the journal guidelines call for it? My problem is that all the references in the manuscript must be superscripted except for the one reference that appears right after the roman numeral.

Thanks again

Unfortunately only one citation template can be maintained within an output style and changes to in-text citations will be global.

But if all except one citation is meant to be superscripted, why not maintain the superscript formatting but for that one citation manually  type-in the citation and corresponding bibliographic entry?  I can’t recall if there may be an option in X5 or later to “hide” the numbered citation so you can manually  type-in the citation and corresponding bibliographic entry but in X4 or earlier hiding numbered citations through editing isn’t available.

the only way to achieve this, is to fix it at the end, by making a copy, unlinking the fields and editing the number.  the only other way (which should also be done when you are about done, because otherwise the citation number may change) is to select the citation and apply hidden font attributes to it and type in the correct number in the format you would like. 

But really, the publisher should be able to handle these little in-house requirements… You really should focus on making the manuscript worthwhile, and publishable!