Changing the format of citation numbers?

Does anyone know how to change all citation numbers to superscript format without parenthses?

I searched and didn’t really find a solution yet.

Thank you!

Are you using a numbered format or a footnote approach? 

if a numbered style, this setting is in the output style.  You need to edit the style,   In Endnote, Edit output style, edit “your current style” and go to the Citations template where it is probably {Bibliography Number) and you will want to change that, to remove the parentheses, and select the words and click the A1 button (where the 1 is superscripted). save as to a new name and apply the edited, newly named style to the word document. 

Or you could pick a differnt  style that is already superscripted, for example the output style for “Blood” is already superscripted and you can retrieve that via Endnotes Help menu, Web styles finder, enter “blood” and download it, which should open in Endnote and then save it.  Then in Word in on the endnote ribbon, make sure you change to use this new style.

alterantively, post your current output style here, and one of us can tweak it an dpost it back, so you can retrieve it, save it and apply it. 

If footnotes, you need to change the footnote style in Word. 

Thank you Leann, i will try this.