Change letter of double

Dear Community,

I have an Issue which seems to be easy, but Im not sure how to overcome that issue. I have one publication with the same Author and the same year. So Endnote distinguishes them wirth a and b. But now I want to change the letters. So the one which is currently marked as a should be b and vice versa.

Can somebody help me with that?

Thanks a lot!



Hello Chillkroete,

The order in which the citations appear is based upon the Sort Order for the Output Style. To check this, click on the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Browse to your Style and double-click on it to open it. Here, click on Sort Order under Bibliography. Let’s say this is set to Author + Year + Title. That will mean the citations in the bibliography are sorted by the author field first, then the year and then the title. The in-text citations will correspond with the order in which they appear in the bibliography. Let’s say you have the following in your bibliography:

Smith, 2004 First Example

Smith, 2004 Second Example

If you cite the “Second Example” first in the document, it is going to appear with the letter b and the “First Example” will appear with the letter a regardless of where it is cited. This is consistent with information in the bibliography.