Change location of bibliography in Word

 I know this should be simple but how on earth do you change the location of the Endnote bibliography in MS Word 2016 with Endnote X7

You select it, control X (copy/delete) and paste (ctrl V) it where you want it to be.  It will stay there.  Make sure you get all of it.  I like to copy an empty paragraph before it and one after it, if there is one.  

Actually, you will want to drag and drop the bibliography. If you have Instant Formatting enabled and use the Cut and Paste technique, you will end up with two bibliographies the next time the document updates. Please see this article:

Oops.  I guess I don’t know this, because I don’t have CWYW on, when I write!  

Just move the bibliography to where you want it in your document. future references will be listed together at this point, you have now moved the target document location for the bibliography.