creating bibliography other than at end of document?

I searched the knowledge base and forum, but didn’t see an answer to this question.

For many documents, the bibliography needs to be created somewhere within the text, as opposed to at the end of the document.  I have been using EndNote since it first came out, and have always just created the biblio, then dragged it to the correct place.  However, I am now putting together a very large document with many appendices, and the biblio needs to be somewhere in the middle.  Dragging it (or cut-n-paste) is going to be difficult, esp if it needs to be revised multiple times.

So, is there way to designate where in a document EndNote 9 will create the bibliogrpahy?

(I am using Word 2007 / Win XP SP3).

Many thanks!


Move it at the beginning, when it is small.  It stays put once moved! 


So, if I continue to add citations, or need to totally redo the biblio it will create itself in the initial spot?  Do I just us the Create Biblio function in the Word Add-In?

I usually create the biblio at the end of the writing process, but i realize there is this dynamic functioning in EndNote.


It depends,  with CWYW on, obviously it updates in the original location, or if you turn CWYW off, but don’t informant existing refs, and manually reformat in Word, the bibliography will stay put.  It will only move if you completely unformat it and delete the existing bibliography; then it will revert to the end.  This is essentially like a table of contents or index.  It will update at the existing location. 

Test it.  If you usually keep the CWYW off, put in a few refs, manually format the bibliography, move  it where you want it, and then continue to add some further refs, and then and manually format it again.  The bibliography should stay where you placed it and update accordingly.