Moving location of Endnote library

Hi. I’m trying to figure out the best way to move the location of my Endnote library (from a networked drive to a local hard drive) without messing up the online sync. Do I treat this as if I were moving it to a new computer and create a new, blank, library on the local drive and then hit sync? Or, can I just copy and paste the entire library from one location to another and then sync it? I really want to avoid creating duplicate entries or messing up the sync. Thanks!

The only way to move the library to a new location when you are using sync is to start a new library and then sync to pull down your references from the web.

If you manually move or change the name of library it will not continue to sync.

Please see the following KB on sync.

Thanks! I really appreciate the response. And I’m really glad I checked here–I got a completely different response when I contacted EndNote Technical Support.


A trick I just did cause I had the same issue after renaming a network folder path. Simply save the file as a new copy to the desired location. When you do this will update the sync target location to the spot where you are saving the copy. I then deleted the old file (I have several backups though). Was able to sync after that.


A trick I did because I had a similar issue where I renamed my network path. I went to File>Save As Copy and simply saved the file where I wanted it. When you do this, it updates the online sync to the location you are saving the file to. I then deleted the old file (I have several backups just in case. After I did that I was able to sync with no issue.

Version: Endnote x9

The easiest way to re-point your Word file to the new EndNote library’s name and location is to first open the EndNote library from the new location and then refresh your citations in the Word document by clicking on the “Update Citations and Bibliography” button in the EndNote tab of Word. EndNote tries to use the library that’s currently open, so it will link to the new one if it looks similar enough to it. Easy-peasy!