Change Reference Type for large number of references (not one-by-one)

Somehow- a large number of my references have ended up with reference types such as “art-work” or “statute” when they are not. 

I need to batch change them - don’t want to do it one-by-one as there are dozens, if not hundreds to change. 

  • Can’t do it via change/move/copy field as reference type is not an option here
  • Can’t do it via Edit References as it tries to open up each instance

Using X7 on a mac.

First make a copy of the library so in case a mistake occurs you still have a backup available.


Refer to the attached image which illustrates the following steps using EndNote’s  “Find and Replace”  feature :


1. Create a group containing the misnamed reference types (e.g., “Artwork”).


2. Use EndNote’s  “Find and Replace”  feature to search in the Reference Type field for “Artwork” and change it to the desired change (this example uses “Journal Article”. [Go to the toolbar, select Edit > Find and Replace.]. Then click Change, OK, OK.


3. The renamed reference types are displayed.


4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to rename other misnamed reference types.