Change the source of "Find Reference Updates" or PDF dragging

Now when I use Find Reference Updates or just dragging in a PDF file, EndNote seems to fill/update the reference info from PubMed (because I see only PubMed link in the URL field). However, the information PubMed offers is not suitable for most people. For example, it offers authors’ names in an abbreviated form (e.g., Hawking, S. instead of Hawking, Stephen), which makes many referencing formats inpossible! Also, it offers only PubMed weblink which is inconvenient to trace.

Is it possible to change the info source of these two functions? WoK is your own product, why not use it as the online source?

[Product: EndNote X7 Windows]


Currently, it is not possible to control where EndNote pulls from when importing PDFs or Find Reference Updates. I apologize for the inconvenience.

However, I will move this thread to Suggestions for review by our Product Management team for a possible future enhancement.

Thanks for the suggestion!