Find reference updates...

So I have many PDF’s that I imported into endnote x5. Some of them correctly found the reference information and attached the PDF; however, many of them did not.

For the ones that it did not, I have to go in and edit the reference information and then “Find reference updates” and it will sometimes find the correct reference information and I can update it. I think that this should be much more flexible in figuring out the reference information.

I’ll give an actual example. <Intestinal ischaemia caused by mesenteric inflammatory veno-occlusive disease.pdf> is the name of a file that it imported. <Intestinal ischaemia caused by mesenteric inflammatory veno-occlusive disease.pdf> shows up in the “Title” field. When you run “find reference updates” it cannot find anything. If you delete the <> and the .pdf part and re-run the find reference updates then it will find and update the reference. Why can’t it figure that out without me having to manually do it?

Also, there are many files that have the same kind of scenario as above, but when I do the above it does not work. I then put in the name of the journal, re-run, doesn’t work. Put in the year, issue, volume, etc. still doesn’t work…Shouldn’t it just search the information I put in versus pubmed and then figure out the differences, or at least give you a list of references that are a close match and then you can choose?