Feature Request: Match existing PDF

I have many PDFs in Endnote that no data came from when importing, or were not run through the import filter.

I think it would be great to be able to “match” existing PDFs to online references, using the title, author, etc.  All the pieces are there, but no one has linked them together it seems.

These days I download papers to read, and then put them into my Endnote DB if I feel I want to reference them later or read them later.  If the import filter doesn’t pick the data up, or it was in my database already, I have no way of getting the reference info into it that I can figure out.

Thanks for any help if there is a workaround for this.

so this is a pdf you had  imported and it only has limited data fields filled in?  Have you tried right clicing and choosing  “Find Reference updates”?  

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I have tried that but nothing else comes up.

Isn’t there a way to look up a new reference for this article, and then attach it to the existing PDF, or do I have to import the reference from Pubmed and then attach this PDF?

Seems very cumbersome.  Thanks for any advice.

I have done it with those PDFs that come up with good metadata, which is totally linked to how well they conform to metadata standards (some publishers do and some don’t) and their age (old ones don’t as they possibly predated the standards or are even just scans).   Sometimes I pull the Pubmed version (but don’t import) and copy a couple fields DOI,  full title,  can’t remember which combinations or single items worked best) to the PDF containing record and then retry the update step.