changing 'electronic book' type

Hi, there is probably a really simple solution to this, but I’m struggling! I’m using Endnote X2, and am trying to format the bibliography. I’m using the APA style and want to change how electronic books show in the bibliography. Basically I want to change;

Hersen, M. (2004). Psychological assessment in clinical practice: A pragmatic guide Retrieved from NetLibrary database Available from NetLibrary  (this is how it is currently)


Hersen, M. (2004). Psychological assessment in clinical practice: A pragmatic guide. New York: Taylor & Francis Routledge. Retrieved April 7, 2005, from NetLibrary.

The current style is omitting the publisher and access date. I know you can modify reference types, but I don’t know how to make a field show up in the bibliography…



You’ll need to modify your APA output style’s “Electronic Article”  bibliography template*. The changes would entail:

  1. Inserting the “Place of Publication” and “Publisher” field after the Title.

  2. Deleting the field name and word “database” after the “Retrieved from”.

  3. Inserting the Access Date following “Retrieved”.

  4. Inserting the field name representing “NetLibrary” (is it “Website”?).

So a rough untested approximation along with punctuation and codes for Forced Separations (|) and Link Adjacent Text (*) would be:

Author. (Year)|. Title|. Location:Publisher|.RetrievedAccess Date,from*Website|.


*Note: Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT APA [version].  In the APA style dialog box, locate “Bibliography” in the left column and just below it click on “Templates”.  On the right-side, locate the Electronic Article template and make the modifications.  Then close the style which will save the changes as a copy (e.g…, APA 6th Copy).  Adjust both EndNote and MS Word to use the new file copy.

I don’t think APA requires an Access Date for electronic books (unless an ebook doesn’t have a year of publication, which would be pretty unusual).

On the other hand, perhaps you are having to follow a local variation of APA?



John-Arnold makes a great point.  I think APA phased-out access dates beginning with that electronic format supplement (which post-dated the APA 5th manual) and continues with the APA 6th.

I had thought this - but i have a guide provided by my university, and they require dates, which is a little annoying, but oh well.

thank you for the help.