Book Title Formats in Bibliographies

The one thing I cannot seem to find is where I switch bibliography formatting so that titles are in italics and not underlined.

I found some directions in the built-in help, but cannot seem to get to where the instructions say I need to be to the format – not for just one bibliography, but all…


Chuck Billow

That would be from the Edit drop down in Endnote.

Edit / Output Styles / Edit “whatever style you are using”. In the left hand column click on Templates under the Bibliography heading and there you can edit the titles and change from underlining to italics.


Cathy, I’m sorry, I must be slow.  When I went where you said, I ended up at the screen in the clip, and I don’t see where that adjustment would be made at all…

Oh my…



You would apply the formatting to the field names, just as you would in a Word processor.  You select that Field name that is currently underlined, select the P to make it “plain” and then the “I” in the toolbar to make it italics.  You need to do this for each template in the Bibliography section, that you want to change. 

Leanne / Cathy;

I *think* I get it.  If I’m understanding / seeing this right, I would highlight what is *currently* underlined, NOT the field title that is what that is, yes?

Is there a way to back up the default installed templates – just in case?



Yes, you select (highlight) the Title field as shown in a markup of your prior jpeg (see the yellow highlighted section in the attached image.gif).  When you’re done making changes and close the window you will see a prompt asking you to save the changes.  Take note of the file name as unless you indicate otherwise, the changes will be saved as a copy.  If so, you will need to “change-over” from the output style you were using (e.g., “APA 6h”) to the copy (e.g., “APA 6th Copy”) - otherwise you won’t see the changes in your library or wordprocessing document.

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That’s it!  Thanks.