Changing surnames


I’m working on a manuscript with hundreds of citations. Right now I have named authors using their surnames. The problem is that in the future I might need to change these names to the name of their corresponding organisations. Doing the fix  descibed elsewhere just doesn’t cut it - there WILL be errors when I need to manually edit each citation.

Has this shortcoming been resolved in X4 (I use X3 and I’d happily pay for an upgrade if that’s the case)? Or is there another way for me to change the citation names, like a “Replace all”  feature? After all, there must be an ID of some kind and it would be insane if the surname or the year couldn’t be updated.



Can you be more explicit in your needs? 

But EndnoteX4 does handle these kind of things a bit better than in the past.  I am not sure how it works, but I recommend you test the trial and see if it works for you.  -

I just tested it and it seemed to work fine.  Completely changing the author name and refomating the bibliography,  updated the citation and bibliography list to reflect the new “author”.  Is that want you want to happen?


Thanks for your reply. I hope that this will solve my problems and get back to you otherwise.

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Have you considered (or are) storing the organization name in a different refernece type field or better yet, a custom field?  By storing the organization name in a distinct field all that’s needed would be to modify the output style template.  The modification would involve replacing the Author field with the field name that’s storing the organizational name.   

Since both the Author and organization fields are retained as separate fields you’ll be able to “switch” back and forth between either field ust by modifying the output style.


this was a very interesting solution, sort of like using CSS in web development.

For anyone who experiences the same problem, I’m happy to report that version 4 of Endnote solved the bug, though.

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