PROBLEM - Endnote X puts author initials into citations

I wonder if someone can help with this. 

Endnote  X sometimes puts initials of the author into the citation eg. (N. Cook, 1990) when of course it should be (Cook, 1990). I have been into the ‘output styles’ and made sure that under Citations within the Style Manager window, the Name Format is’Last Name Only’ with ‘use initials only for primary authors with samename’ unchecked. i can see no other relevant menu within style manager.

There is no way that I can see to remove these unwanted initials - it cannot be done in the Edit Citation window as far as i can tell and if I edit the citation manually, then Endnote simply puts the initials back in after some period. I have checked my inputting of these author names into the database and they are all done correctly. 

Any help would be very welcome as I am only 3 weeks from thesis submission and getting stressed by Endnote’s foibles.



This is likely caused by Endnote thinking that you have two authors with Cook as the surname and it needs to “disambugate” them.  If you are referencing two records with Cook as the author - and they are the same author, open both records and copy the author name and initials from one and replace the other with that version.  This is usually the result of some very subtle difference between the initials, spacing or some invisible character in one or the other of the author names. 

many thanks for helping me sort that out. very useful.

I have a file started back in EndNote 2 days with over 6000 entries. There are many inconsistencies in the style of entry of names and initials. Is there an easy way to “clean up” a file so that they are all in the same style??