Changing the order of citations in the case of multiple citations

I am trying to create a multi-citation in my Word 2007 document (in APA style) that looks something like this when formatted:

(Carlton, 2000; Dennis, 1998; but see Adams, 2006; Barrett, 2008)

However, due to the automatic ordering of authors by alphabetical order, which is appropriate in other instances when there are multiple citations but not in this case, the resulting EndNote citation looks like this:

(but see Adams, 2006; Barrett, 2008; Carlton, 2000; Dennis, 1998)

It seems the only way to sort the authors the way I wanted them is to turn off automatic ordering entirely, but that seems inefficient to me, and (I may be wrong but) I think I recall from having used EndNote years ago that there is a way to make EndNote insert the multiple citation the way I wanted it without having to manually sort citations in the entire document.  I have looked through the relevant sections of the help file but still can’t figure it out.  Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance!!

I see two options.  One is to temporarily insert them as two different sets  (with one space between them) and then just before submission, unlink the fields and search and replace )space( with  semi-colon space.  The other is to type what you want to appear (or copy it, unlink the citations in that one group, paste it back in and select it and make it hidden text (or right click and hide author and year for each of them).  Rearrange the unlinked version to the order you want.  I don’t know of any other way to get endnote to not sort one set of citations.