complicated citation order in text

I’m using EndNote X2 with Word 2008 for Mac. The journal that I’m submitting to sorts first by date, then author, but if there are multiple citations by the same author in the citation, those later ones are combined with the earliest one under that author’s name.  For example:

(Smith 1999; Jones 2005, 2007; Kirk 2005)

I’ve been trying to adjust the style to get this result, but this is what I keep ending up with:

(Smith 1999; Jones 2005; Kirk 2005; Jones 2007)

I’ve got the “Omit repeated authors” box checked, and the sort order as “Year + Author”.  Any suggestions on how to get the format that I need?

You need to sort by Author+Year, or it won’t happen. 

But if I sort it Author + Year, then this is what happens:

(Jones 2005, 2007; Kirk 2005; Smith 1999)

Ah, yes.  Sorry.

this is the only workaround that I can come up with that will give you the output you are looking for.

Go back to the Year+author setting and then put your cursor to the formated references, right click and select edit citation, more (or chose and  Edit citation from the endnote menu) and hide both the author and the year for the Jones, 2007 reference and  add , 2007 to the second Jones reference in the suffix field. 

This works, but I was hoping for a universal fix. I guess I will have to go and edit each one of these troublesome citations individually. Thanks!

This solution is terrible! If one removes the Jones 2007 citation or places it elsewhere, the “2007” suffix gets left behind. Given how many journals required citations formatted this way, I can’t beleive EndNote doesn’t allow the option. The most logical place would the style definition. I suggest calling it “Year + Author (group when author(s) are the same)”

Since most of us pay “page charges” to publish these days,  I figure that if I can’t get something to look exactly like a journal/publisher requires, let them deal with it.  The content of the manuscript is FAR more important! 

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Leanne hit the point I always wanted to mention. We should have some mentality to say “let publishing editors take care of them”.

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By the way, when I was categorizing output styles, I never paid attention to the in-text citation sorted by “Year+Author” order. Usually, most of the Harvard-devivatives are “Author+Year” order, because the first letter of the first line of each reaference (author name) is alphabetically ordered, which makes Harvard style easy to link in-text citation to reference in the bibliography. If in-text citation is “Year+Author” sorted, bibliography is sorted by Year, and then author name next?? Is the first field of the bibliography template Year?That sounds very strange. Would you tell us the name of the journal?

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