Wrong Citation Order

Hi there, 

I’m having little trouble getting my citation in the correct order. I’m citing (APA 6th) one author for the same year three times, but the in-text citation displays it in the incorrect order. For example, instead of giving me World Bank, 2015a, World Bank, 2015b and World Bank, 2015c in the text, Endnote, after citing the third one, starts with the letter c first, so 2015c, 2015b and 2015a. 

I’m using Endnote X7 on a Mac, don’t know if that’s relevant information. I tried to solve the problem by checking all the suggestions in this community, but nothing worked out. 

Would really appreciate if anyone of you guys has a solution :) 

All the best!

Update of the problem: 

as I’m citing the same author for the same year a fourth time, the order now appears as: 2015b, 2015a, 2015c, 2015d. 

Any suggestion what the problem might be here? 


What are the Sort Order settings in your output style?

Your unexpected order may be due to the Sort Order setting in either or both of the Citations and Bibliography sections of your Endnote output style. The citations may be sorting based on the Author + Year + Title fields. You can verify this by checking the titles within each of the references.

If the citations are indeed including  titles in the sort  pattern you can  change the sort  settings to either:   1)  Author + Year  or 2)  Don’t sort.   (Go to the Endnote toolbar  and select : Edit > Output Styles > Edit APA 6th. Then in the APA 6th  output style dialog box  locate the  Citations  section  and click on  Sort  Order. . After you modify, the output style it will be saved as a new file “APA 6th Copy”.  Adjust  the Endnote tab  in the  MS word ribbon  to use  the new output style.)  

As discussed in other threads (but don’t worry, even I have trouble finding them, and I know they are there!) most publishers actually specify the order to be based on  alpha (author) then year and then usually title, which is what you are getting, and not in order of citation. That is because in the bibliography itself, that is how they want them to be listed. – but CG provides a solution if you want to override the settings.  Here is one of the other threads.