Duplicate references and groups

I have duplicate references in my library but they are filed in different groups.  If I delete one of the records does it mean I then have to manually add the remaining reference back into the group from which the duplicate was deleted.

Im not sure if I have made that clear:

For example, when I search for duplicates the search result will pull up two references ref A and ref B - these are the same reference however ref A has been filed in Group A and ref B has been filed in Group B.  If I delete one of the duplicate records e.g. ref B, does that mean I then need to manaually add Ref A into group B?


Yes, you will need to add the copy, only now in group A, manually to B, if you delete the duplicate that is only in group B.  You can view what groups a record is in, in the record summary view.  One way I have dealt with this, is after running “find duplicates” from the references menu, to close it.  This leaves a temporary group just below all references, and you can look at them there, drag the one you are going to keep to the other group, then you just delete the duplicate superfluous to your needs. updating your existing documents may require you to confirm it has found the correct matching citation.    

Yes thank you :slight_smile: That is what I thought.  I have been using record summary to check the groups and then making sure I add the remaining record to the group that I deleted the duplicate from.  It feels a bit long winded but Im glad you have confirmed that is the only way to do it.

In the long asked for feature that would allow us to “merge” duplicate records, it would be nice to include the groups they are in, in the mergeable options, so it was automatic!  going to add this to the thread on merging duplicates in suggestions.  

Yes, please for the love of god add this feature… 

My problem arose because I unknowingly added the same references several times, placed each in different groups, and now I would like to have the group information carry over to whichever reference I don’t delete in the duplicate search. In other words, I would like to merge duplicate references and maintain either or both of their group designations.

A few related suggestions:

-Add a warning when a user is about to add a duplicate reference to their library. All operating systems and file management systems have this feature. It will help to curb the duplicate issue in general.

-The group(s) each reference is in should be listed as a field that can be checked. Seems silly that the only way the group ID can be shown is by clicking References>Record Summary.

Please update the forum on these issues. A basic issue like this should not persist for 5+ years.