Merging libraries, dealing with duplicates and groups

Hi Folks,

Due to the recent advent of Groups in X2, I combined all my libraries into one large library, with 85 groups, each representing the original library from where each reference came.  My problem now is that many references were present in more than one library.  So, each reference is tagged with one group, but I have lots of duplicates.

I want to get rid of the duplicates, but maintain the group relationship of that article.  For example, I have Ref1 which is in Group1, and Ref1Dup which is in Group2.  I want to delete Ref1Dup, and associate Ref1 with Group2 (in addition to Group1).  Is there any way to do this automatically?  I have 360 duplicates in my library now, and manually going through this is going to be a pain.  But, I suspect that’s what I’ll have to do unless someone has a better idea.



Because group registry is done manually, you probably need to go one by one. But I would do in the following way.

  1. Make a custom field like “Duplicate Yes” (make sure the filed is empty for all the records).

  2. Search duplicates.

  3. Use “Change Filed” function to enter Y into the “Duplicate Yes” filed for all the records showed up in “Duplicate” group.

  4. Change the Display filed to include the “Duplicate Yes” field.

  5. Sort the library by article title, and look through where you find Y (Duplicate Yes).

Find how many duplicates, and use right click to see “Record Summary”. Use only one reference to register multiple groups; delete others. Repeat this 360 times…

This is just to make it easy to view duplicated records, because currently Endnote display only one reference among several duplicates.

thanks myoshigi…