Chicago 16th Footnote style issue with adding page numbers

I am running  Endnote 8.1  [12930] on OS High Sierra with MS Word 15.40 [171108] - I am trialing endnote before considering buying it and the below is putting me of spending the money.

I am using Chicago 16th Footnote Style [downloaded from clarivate] 

Firstly there is no logo in word where add citation is, but still works but more importantly.

When i want to add a page number for a specific quote etc , I go to edit it and put in a number in pages.

Update and nothing happens. I tried putting it into suffix and prefix and again update, nothign happens. Ive even tried changing styles, nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

(Assuming Endnote X8.1) 

So you insert a footnote first (using word “references” tab, insert footnote,and  put your cursor in the footnote) then you go to the endnote tab and insert. 

I go to endnote and use the toolbar quotes after selecting a record there, or go back to the word document and choose insert citation - and insert “selected citation” - or whatever method you use to copy and paste/enter your selected citation. 

then edit citation (rt click in footnote citation) and add your pages.   

you might find some more information “Citing Specific Page Numbers in Footnotes” in your EndNote Help.

I have a footnote style and one I adjusted a comma position in, which I attach, which worked in a quick test.  Just don’t know if it is the same as the one you downloaded.  

Chicago 16th Footnote.ens (80.2 KB)

Strangely one way works and not the other.

Any idea when 17th edition of chicago will appear? 

what do you mean, “Strangely one way works and not the other.” what way?  

You may need to request the  Chicago 17th style on their style request site.