X7/Word: adds an extra "1" in front of some page nos in footnotes?!

Hi everyone

Has anyone ever experienced that in style “Chicago 16th footnote” endnote suddenly adds an extra “1” in front of page numbers in footnotes? I’m at a loss as to how to end this annoying problem. 


A footnote reads: Author, title, year etc., and then should read 112-113 but in stead it says 1112-1113. I’ve made sure the pages are correct in the “page” section of the individual footnote reference.

Any help is much appreciated!



Can you attach the Chicago 16th footnote endnote output style you are using?  – Have you tried downloading a new one (save to a new name and change it to that new name in the document), just in case it got changed/corrupted, etc?  Which “reference type” is it happening in?