Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed

How do I get the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed in endnote. It is not there for download. Anyone please?  

EndNote provides the output style file which is configured to generate citations and bibliographies in a particular style such as Chicago 16th. If you want the Chicago style manual you’ll have to buy one from the publisher or book vendor.


Did you find one?

I  jiust googled it and found this PDF. It is not a manual but you might have to use something like this unless you can get one on amazon used books.


I guess the real question, is why do you need an outdated style manual format? 

Is not outdated if you are really in the “Academics” 

Only that the style manual has been updated twice since 14, there is a 15th and a 16th version, so even in academics, one would think you want the most updated version?  And that is available as an endnote output style. 

Sad, I have the 16th , but I need the 14th!!!  As it was said before, if you in the “academics” the 14th is stil alive. I am glad I dont need to use Windows 3.1 too!

Hello Folks,

Attached to this post you will find a copy of the Chicago 14th A (for footnotes/endnotes) and the Chicago 14th B (in-text citations) styles. These were taken from EndNote version 7.

I hope these help.

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Chicago 14th A.ens (40 KB)
Chicago 14th B.ens (20.2 KB)