EndNote Web and Chicago Manual of Style 15th format

I just used this product for first time, generating references with Chicago Manual of Style 15th A and also B.

It produced citations for the end of paper bibliography only . . . same result with A and with B.

Can anyone verify that EndNote Web will only produce the end of paper citations for CMOS 15, and not the footnote

references used in Chicago (Humanities) format?


Yes, EndNote Web can produce footnote citations using the Chicago 15A style.

See the help screen on citing references, and specifically the Note in the side-bar on the right.

Dear Mr. East:

Near the mid-point of the bottom half of Help Page - Find and Insert Citations appears this:

    "INote: If you expect to see an in-text citation, but only see the reference in the bibliography,  . … .  Not all styles format in-text,

     citations, such as Chicago 15th A . . . etc."

So, do you mean to say that the right margin note about first using Word to insert the note before usiing Find Citation will hanldle

that problem with CMOS 15A?

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

In Word, use the EndNote Web toolbar to change the style to Chicago 15A.

Then use the normal Word function to create a footnote.

With your cursor in this footnote, use the EndNote Web toolbar to find the citation and insert it in the footnote.