Chinese input CRASH BUG while X7 instant formatting

There is a problem while I was typing Chinese in my word 2011, if I want to properly type “你好”, using any Chinese input you may name, it goes like this “ni’hao你好” with all the unwanted letters in front if I do not select the right word within 3 seconds. It could go much longer if I wait longer than that.

Then i find a solution to fix the problem:

  1. Tools—>Cite While You Write—>CWYW Preferences—>General->unclicked “Enable Instant Formatting on new Word documents”
  2. Tools—>Cite While You Write—>Format Bibliography, turn off “Instant Formatting”

Finally the Chinese input “Pinyin”  work well as usual.

However, we have to format our bibiligraph manually again and again after we insert citations. Will you fix this BUG as soon as possible? Cuz I noticed some other users have reported 3 years ago!