Is there any resolution except these two worst ones to resolve the bad compatibility of endnote X1 X2 X3 with word 2007?

Every time I open my doc file inserted with more than 20 records citations, the word programm become extremely slow. I cannot do anything because after every action (e.g move my mouse or type one letter), it will cost about 1minute for the word to recover. As this, I cannot edit my doc file again. So this problem torture me.

There are two palliative resolutions from internet:

Solution 1 This can indeed occur with EndNote X1 in that environment if Instant Formatting is enabled. If you disable Instant Formatting, this process should work more quickly. To do this in Word, click on the EndNote tab and look for the “Bibliography” section. In the lower right corner of this section there should be a small arrow you can press to open the Format Bibliography screen. Click on the Instant Formatting tab and then click Turn Off. Click OK to finish this process. When this is done, new citations inserted into the document will appear unformatted. EndNote will also not automatically scan the document for unformatted citations. To Format, click the Update Citations and Bibliography button.

Solution 2:uncheck all the five options under “when correcting spelling and grammar in word”, e.g “Check spelling as you type”.  MS word “startup” > “Word Options” > “Proofing” > “when correcting spelling and grammar in word”, uncheck all the five options:Check spelling as you type, Use contextual spelling, Mark grammar errors as you type, Check grammar with spelling, Show readability statistics.

But, both the two above functions (Endnote’s instant formating and Word’s when correcting spelling and grammar in word) are important. We need them. So is there any better solution?

Instead of disabling CWYW have you tried just disabling the “scan for temporary citations” and “check for citation changes”?  This will turn off the 2 background applications while still letting you use CWYW.

Other things to  consider: checking and installing EndNote program updates; running a virus scan. 

  1. I have tried disabling the “scan for temporary citations” and “check for citation changes”. It doesn’t work. And finally I found that the Resolution 1 doesn’t work anymore. But Resolution 2 work perfectly—MS word runs quickly.

  2. I updated it and I am using the newest version.

  3. I recover my windows XP sytem, the problem still exists. I use Kaspersky.

FYI: When I used MS word 2003, this problem will not occur!

What should I do? Maybe there does exists incompatibility of Endnote X1 X2 X3 with Word 2007 (or specificly the “when correcting spelling and grammar in word”)

I don’t see alot of people chiming in with “me too” (and I don’t use word 2007, just XP)? 

Can other users comment on whether they see this lag or don’t see this lag with their X* and word 2007?  Also provide the operating system.  and whether on 64 bit or 32 bit machines? 

Finally, I would approach tech support, to see if they have trouble shooted this.  We are just other users, and not meant to replace the technical support provided by the developers.  You can phone or use the web tech support request page

Technical Support
(questions on using software) 425 Market Street, 6th floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 800-336-4474
at the prompt press 4, and then select the “ResearchSoft Products” option.

I’ve used EndNote X1 to X2 with Windows XP and Word 2007 - and currently use X3 and Word 2007.  I haven’t experienced the problem you’ve described although my Word setting does includes grammar- and spell-check.

I concur with Leanne - other users haven’t reported similar problems  (so far).  Maybe this problem might be unique to you so contacting tech support would be the best path.

I can’t comment on X1 as I have only been using X2, but since upgrading to Windows 7 (64 bit) I am seeing a massive slow-down of (NB) Windows Explorer whenever I have a Word 2007 document with citations open (regular documents: no problem). Word itself is not affected, so I am not entirely sure this relates to the problem described previously. The slowdown of the Explorer is very annoying, opening up folders and entering data takes ages. Luckily, the word documents still function so I currently limit myself to either working with Word or the rest of my operating system, but of course this is not a satisfying solution. I will try to apply the suggestions mentioned above, although I would not be satisfied to have to turn off integral functions of Word just to get another working.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

I’m using Word 2007 with X3 on Windows XP Professional. My EndNote library is local (same hard drive as Word file; not on Web). Word keeps crashing (about 50% of the time) when I try to edit a citation to include a page number. EndNote is also claiming a Parameter error each time I try to include a page number with one of the citations; it appears to accept the page number, which briefly shows up in the text, and then throws the error. Any help will be graciously accepted. This is unbelievably annoying. I’ve been a dedicated EndNote user for years, and I’m on deadline! AARRGGHH!

Have you tried turning off spell checking, auto correction, auto formatting, grammer checker, track change features in Word? Those “automation” things are sometimes causing conflicts with Endnote.

These are the features you may not need to turn on all the time. When spell checking is necessary, turn it on before final. In fact, as soon as I install Office (2003), I turn off almost all of them. Maybe that’s why my Word works so fast, and work well with Endnote.

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ME TOO.  I have been wrestling with EndNote X2 and Word 2007 for months.  There’s an incredible lag and it crashes Word about every 15 minutes.  I have tried *everything* and nothing helps.  It takes upwards of 10 minutes to actually open and start working.  Any advice??

If you’ve really tried everything and nothing worked, only thing I can say is to throw Word 2007 and try Ooo Writer. However, you need X3 for the Ooo Writer CWYW plug-in. You can probably try demo version X3. IMHO, Ooo Writer 3.1 provides much more the feel of Word 2003, than Word 2007 which I dislike. Except for a few situations, EN X3 and Ooo Writer have been working quite nicely. At least, you don’t need to wait 10 min to start working. Inserting citation and formatting bibliography have been working just fine, without a crash so far.

I found that this can fix the problem: uncheck this option, “Mark grammar errors as you type”. It appears at MS word “startup” > “Word Options” > “Proofing” > “when correcting spelling and grammar in word”.

To me, grammar chekcer is nothing more than a distraction, like the famous “Office Assistant” Clippy.

Spell chekcing is useful during the draft writing, but I don’t turn it on all the time. When it comes to the submission, we still need to scrutinize each word by multiple people such that we can pick up homonyms.