Citating order issue


I am trying to order my in-text references so that they are the correct a, b, c format. I did manage this though

Edit>Output Styles>Edit “whatever your style” Choose Citation >Sort order select same as bibliography.

THEN go to the bibliography >Sort order I created a custom author+date rather than the default author+date+title

However this seemed to work until I realised that the in-text order of references could no longer be edited into date order (I assume because it is now following bibliography order).

So what I am attempting to edit the output to do is the following:

  1. a, b, c, etc in the order cited in text

  2. Groups of in-text references placed in date order

Any advice/help appreciated.

which abc output style are you using?  are you refering to numbered with abc in groups, or yeara yearb yearc?  Can you attach your output style? 

The output style is in-built into Endnote at my university. What I am referring to is the order in which they are cited, so for example the first North 2006 I use in the text is changed to 2006b when I insert another North 2006 later in the text (which becomes 2006a). I need the first citation to be a and the second to be b.
Sage Harvard.ens (13.6 KB)

Check out my answer here to a similar issue.  Does that help?  

Basically sorting by “year, Author” or (custom) Author, year" in the Author sort in the bibliography.  Leaving off the “title” and see if it works.  (with the caveat that publishers sometimes dictate the sort order in spite of what you actually feel would make sense).  

This thread is about a bug which used the wrong letters entirely, which was fixed.  You want something that is specified by publishers, to contravene what they define as ordering rules.  You can read a discussion here for workarounds, but you should check with your university if they want what you esthetically prefer.