Citation dissappearing!

Hello everyone,

I was inserting citations to bibliography list… then all of a sudden more than half of my list dissappeared! I tried again… about half an hour later… again, half of the list disappeared!

It appears that only new citations disappeared. Those that I have added long time ago (most back) stayed.

I am using Win7, Word 2010 and EndNote X7 all up to date.

Please help! This is causing huge problem!!

I think you are going to need to share the document with someone. What output style are you using?  Can you name it with and extension alowed to be posted here, and someone can try downloading it and looking at (or PM me?) or call tech support and you can share it with them, and they can have a look.  


Thank you for your reply.

I’m using Harvard style. I think I figured a temp way around this problem… I simply saved my word document under a new name. However this solution is not going to be practical later on as I am writing a PhD thesis! I have a deadline tomorrow, once I’m done with my current task, I’ll come back here to try and figure out the exact cause of the problem and how to get around it.