Citation in multiples languages


I prepare my article where I cite the papers in two languages: English and Polish. I have a problem with such a thing as shourtcuts:  I want use English ones (like pp. , eds., In)  but also Polish ones (like s., red., W). I know how to changeit  in Style option for one language but I don’t know what to do to see in my bibliography Polish and English shortcuts for the papers in those languages. 

Could you help me? I will be very grateful.


Hi ,

could you anserw me please?


If you are asking that the citation appears with different language specific abbreviations within the same manuscript, the only way to achieve that would be to create and use a different field for the alternative language and then associate the alternative language’s abbreviations to that field.  

So  for a book chapter the template would look like this, if you created the fields Polish-Book Title, Polish-Editor and Polish-Pages.  

Author (Year). Title. |In Book Title|, W Polish-Book Title|, Editor, ed.^eds.| , Polish-Editor, red.^reds.|(|Place Published|: Publisher|)|, p.^pp. Pages|, s. Polish-Pages|.

I don’t think it would work for the primary author (say an editor an edited book in the edited book template) because there is no way to tell the in text citation to pull from the Editor or the Polish editor field (unless you are using a numbered reference style, then it wouldn’t matter).  

Personally, I would expect that the associated text abbreviations though, should remain in the language of the publication and not depend on the language of the source?  

Thank you a lot for you answer. I was thinking about this  but I hoped that maybe there is some simpler solution. Unfortunately in the scientific journals I publish they expect me to make abbreviations in the languages of the sources. Anyway thank you for your help.


I guess another way would be to have a new ref type for the language specific entries, and copy each template, changing the abbreviations.  This would work even for the edited book.  It is probably easier, and after construction of the various new ref types, would just need to change the language ones to the new ref type.  

Ok, it is great idea - I will do like this! Thank you a lot :slight_smile: