Format bibliography based on language

In the citation regulation of my university, the pages format of book is based on the language. If the book is in native language, the pages is “tr.”, if the book is in English, the pages is “pp.”. I would like to ask if Endnote can support this regulation and how to format the template to match this style. Thank you very much.

It sounds like you will need to set up a separate reference type to separate the two language outputs, and include that ref type in the  bibliography section of the output style, then copy the english template to the new language specific template, and change the text embedded, into the language specific versions, being careful not to delete any special characters. then make the english articles as the original, and change the spanish articles to the new ref type.

If you use more than one computer, you will need to export/import the ref types to the new computer and the edited output style.

The guide here is helpful for the above steps: and can lead you thru the process.  There is a youtube video for how to create/export/import steps for adding a new ref type.