Translated Author in Citation

Hello everyone!

Please, could you help me with own style?

I have many references with double name (in two language:  native in country (Title) and its translation into English (Translated Titile). Also with authors: native (Author) and translation (Translated Author).

I wrote own style for thats references:

Translated Author| Year Translated Title [Author Title] // Journal| Volume|(Issue)| : Pages| (in Language)

I can’t do so in citation to use Translated Author. My citation seems like:

[LastName1 A. B., LastName2 C. D., 2016],

but I wish to get like:

[LastName1 et al., 2016]

In Citation template I wrote туче template:

[Translated Author, Year]

Could anyone give its views, how to solve this problem?

With respect.

First, if you have an edited output style, you should attach it, so we can see what is actually there in which fields and templates, as some of the special characters don’t copy over.   

This will be in the location specified in your preferences, usually, my documents, or other user folder named /endnote/styles (not the one in the program folder).  Search for recent *.ens files on your computer, and you should be able to find it,  then at the bottom of a reply - you will see a place to upload that as an attachment.  

It is a convention to always show both authors if two (or often three) – and go to Author et al for more than three.  But if you want only the first author in the citation, you would need to change the author setting in your style (capture2.jpg attachment).  The same for how you would want them to appear in the bibliography (capture3.jpg attachment)

Dear Leanne!

I attach my output style.

With “Author” I can change the author setting (see in style), but I can’t do it with “Translated Author”

BS.ens (14.6 KB)

It seems odd to me, to attribute something to the translator rather than the original author, but regardless, I don’t believe you can change the author settings, differently between the primary and the secondary author fields in Endnote.  The settings affect all the Author fields.  

The only way to achieve what you want, would be to change the Translator fields in all your records to reflect how you want it to appear in this publication.  –  How many are there in your library?  I guess I would copy them to a new library for safe keeping – and then edit them, so you still have the original ones for other publishing houses criteria.  

If you edit them to Surname, AB et al  – add a comma to the end, to make sure they are handled correctly in the bibliography.