Citation issue - same name, same year, different initial

I’m having a problem with in text citations.

I have two authors with the same surname, the same year of publication, different article and different initial.

I’ve searched the message boards but haven’t found any similar issue.

I’ve changed the output style ambiguous citations setting to ‘include the author initials’

I’ve changed the output style citations author name to ‘use initials only for primary authors with the same name’

I’ve tried them separately and together.

The problem is an all or none issue.

I have two solo authors: Gardner JN and Gardner P

The setting resolves this issue no problem.

However, it creates a different issue.

I have a dozen Schreiner LA references. Many are with different co-authors even for the same date.

With the above settings ALL my Schreiner references now have initials included but each is actually identifiable by the co-author or date and do not need the initials.

My last thesis edit I included this setting and one of my supervisors systematically used her red pen and crossed out every Schreiner LA initial.

Does anyone know how to apply the initals rule?

At this point I have just tagged all my Garner references and am thinking I will need to manually edit them for initials once I finally convert all references to static just before I submit my thesis.