Citations come in the middle of body text, rather than the end

Hi to all,

I wrote my thesis and then I wanted to enter my citations bibliography (references) but, the references came in the middle of the text rather than at the end. How can I fix that?

(I think at the beginning of writing at the first few pages, I examined the endnote and, now the references came at the place where I first examined)

Thank you

Two ways.  

First MAKE A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT, so if you mess something up, you have the original to try again.

One.  Carefully select the citations beginning to end, cut (ctrl C) and paste (ctrl V) them where you want them.  Make sure you get paragraph lines just before them and just after them.  I find it helpful to show paragraph symbols and other formating marks using the toolbar icon in word (backwards P), so you know you are outside the field containing the references.  

or Two, return the document to the temporary format stage (curley brackets) which will probably also delete the references, but if not, manually delete them.  

Then reformat the document and they will be inserted at the end of the document.