Bibliography in middle of document.

Hi Again

Thanks for all help so far.

To recap i am using Endnote 9 with office 2007 and vista. Not the best idea but so be it.

I have just completed writing my phd thesis. Whilst writing i have had CWYW enabled and my bibliography has been at the end of the document.

On finishing i have decided to change my citation labels in the text to subscript to avoid confusion with items in my text already in various different brackets. I know how to change this in the styles menu by changing the font in the template. If i unformat the citations and then reformat the bibliography the changes take place nicely and my citations are in subscript.

However!!! My bibliography gets placed mid way through my thesis not at the end where it was previously. Always on the same page. As you can imagine this is not ideal!

Any ideas how i get the bibliography back to the end of the documet on reformatting.

Many thanks


select it all and move it.  - it should stick where ever you put it. 

Thanks leanne i had tried that and assumed that would work. I was just hoping there’d be a way for it not to happen. But i’m happy to go down this route.

One more thing, not sure if you can help

For some reason i have random entries in my bibliography. .e.g. between two citations lets say numbered 110 and 111 there is and entry numbered 5306 with no actual citation information its just a blank entry. There are several of these in my bibliography even after unformatting and reformatting

I am happy to go through and manually delete these before printing but if there’s a explaination for their existance or a way of avoiding them i’d love to know.

Thanks again


I have never had a bibliography move in the manner you described, so I can only assume some remnant was dragged during your reformating - but I don’t know.  I am also not sure how any entries were inserted?  are they fields?  you can pm (private message) me and send me the document, and I can have a look.  They are in your bibliography?