Cite while you write, in text citations


I’m using EndNote Web as I’m off campus and I have no access to the actual EndNote. I’m trying to create a reference like this “Author (year)”, but all I can do is to do “(Author, Year)”. Any idea on how to fix this?


You can use the following steps to exclude the author and then type the author in the text manually.


I read somewhere this solution I just hoped there was another way as is not much different than writing the whole reference manually at that point.

But thank you for your answer :) 

But you still need it to show up in the reference list, right, so just typing it doesn’t get the citation in the bibliography? 

So here are two methods I have used with success that means you don’t have to type the name introducing possible typos

One trick I used to use was to copy the author out of the formatted reference, and then immediately right clicking, edit citation and hiding the author. This way you get exactly what you need  like Author (year) if one author, Author and Author2 (year) if there are only two authors, and Author et al (Year) if three or more, if that is how your style is set up. Don’t forget to do the second step, or it will revert your citation to include the author again, after the next update.  there is also a small chance of corrupting the document.  ensure you don’t take the open parenthesis with the “copy”.  

A second method is to turn off CWYW and convert to unformatted citations.  Now it will look like this

{author, year This is usually the title} 

You can drag the name out of the curly brackets and then adding et al, and updating later.  – but caution as you will need to know how many authors there are and make adjustments which are automatic above. 

I assume this only a infrequent need?  (ah – I see from your OP that you need it for each one!)  

It is ridiculous for EndNote to not have this functionality in a pay-for program and require a hack that largely negates the purpose of using a reference manager. Mendeley does this with ease, BibTeX does this with ease.

It is ridiculous to not have this funcationality in an expensive pay-for program and require a hack that largely negates the purpose of using a citation manager. Mendeley does this with ease; BibTeX does this with ease. Quite unimpressed with EndNote as a whole.

Endnote now has the option to switch between (Author, year) and Author (year) for each citation. This is a pretty old thread.