Inserting Reference as you write


How can I insert reference inside text without putting brackets on the whole reference but on the year alone? For example, if I want to write … According to Jeff (2003)… endnote brings …(Jeff, 2003)… which is not consistent with the conventional writing styles. I have tried changing the Reference styles but to no avail. I understand that the barcketed reference works when you want to just indicate the source of fact and not necessarily directly referring to Author’s name in the text.



Since X5, there is a right click edit citation, that will switch an individual citation from (Author, Year) to Author (Year).  

Thanks this has helped quite a lot

I have a similar problem. I am using endnote X4. I tired right clicking and the only thing I can find to do is “remove year”, which solves part of my problem, but if the reference I want is Jeff (2003), “Jeff” still comes up as "(Jeff)/ I would like it to come up without the brackets.

Thanks in anticipation of any advice

For X4 and earlier, the procedure is to remove the author , then type the author details in front of the citation “(year)”.

(To save time and typos, when working with long and/or multiple author names, copy-and-paste the author names in front of the citation first. Then remove author. And if using APA, the author separator “&” within parentheses needs to be changed to “and” outside the parentheses).



Thank you so much John. It seems obvious now. Very much appreciated.