Need help please! With in-text referencing.

Hi there,

Was hoping someone could help me with a little problem I have. I am pretty new to Endnote. Anyway so when I want to start the sentence off with a reference, currently I am just inserting a reference so it looks like, for example: (Kearns et al. 2009) studied the Splendid Fairy-wren Malurus splendens. But I want it to say: Kearns et al. (2009) studied the Splendid Fairy-wren Malurus splendens. So pretty much just brackets in a different place. Is there any way to insert the in-text reference differently so it will do this without me having to edit it every time??



The citation template is “set” so in-text citations appear within parentheses. If you want to vary the format so the author(s) appear outside of the parentheses (e.g., Kearns et al. (2009)) each citation will need to be edited* to exclude the author (although the newest version of EndNote allows “dragging”). 

Automating the citation template so the author field appears “outside” is possible but wouldn’t be practical as citations more-often are used “within” the parentheses.

*Note: to edit the citation, place your cursor on the citation, right-click and select “Edit Citation”, Exclude Author.  This edit will leave just the citation’s year (2009) then it’s just a matter of typing the “Kearns et al.” portion so it precedes the year. The result appears as: Kearns et al. (2009).

Remember that a new feature of Version EndnoteX5 also has an edit citation option to convert (Author, et al 2009) to Author et al (2009).  Right click in formatted citation, choose Edit Citation and then and choose “Display as: Author (Year)”.