Cited Pages only Partially Visible after Formatting


I am using Endnote X8.0.2. The style I use is somewhat cobbled together as I am writing a doctoral thesis in German law, which requires me to use several non-uniform templates for journal articles.

My problem is that when entering several pages into the “Cited Pages” field, only one page is visible in the final Word markup.

For example:

This footnote template:

     Author, Volume Short Title Start Page|, Cited Pages| (Year)

turns this citation:

     {Fama, 1980 #94@300-305}

into this formatted markup:

     Fama, 88 J. Pol. Econ. 288, 300 (1980).

Is there any way to solve this?



I would check the following setting in your style:

In EndNote you can go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager > locate the style you are using > Click Edit > go to Page Numbers on the left > here check the setting to see if it might be set to Show only the first page number > You can change this to another setting  > go To File > Save > close the style window.

You can then update your document and should get more page numbers shown.