Putting Page Numbers in References

I’m using Word 2011 for Mac with ENDNOTE X4.  I put in the page numbers in the “Edit Citation”, but they don’t show up in the edited reference.  The reference is still correct, but does not include the page references.  Could someone suggest what I am doing wrong?   I’m not a great endnote user, but I have read the Help files and the manual, but I’m missing something.

The style you are using needs to include cited pages as a field in the citation template.  You can edit>output style, edit “yourselected style” to do that.  and save as to a new name and change your style in the manuscript you are working on via the edit paper dialgue. 

See the Chicago 15th B for an example.  It should look like this:  (Author Year|, Cited Pages|)

Alternatively you can just put the pages you want cited with any punctuation and spacing in the suffix field instead. 

I’m using Chicago and this still doesn’t work. Or rather, when it does work, it also adds the page number to the bibliography. I am going crazy here. EndNote is as awesome as it is frustrating. 

If the page numbers are appearing in the bibliography instead of the in-text citations, it sounds like the Bibliography template was modified instead of the Citation template as Leanne noted in the prior post.  Suggest you recheck both templates and adjust as needed.

Please attach your style if you continue to have problems.  And you aren’t using the pages field of the record itself, right?

Hey, thanks for that. It got me to poking around and I figured this much out:

The app defaults to formatted citations. So, I didn’t know what you guys were talking about with the code. When I tried to edit the output style as directed, I got this:   

This style requires both footnotes and bibliography.  To add cited pages to your in-text citations and footnotes, include them in your in-text citation by adding an “@” symbol followed by the pages: [Wilde, 1895 #32@ 88]

So I clicked the Unformat Citations button and it gave me the code. Now, I just add the @ and page number. When I click Format Bibliography, it formats all the citations with page numbers and makes the bibliography, without the page numbers. Presto!



Yep, those older styles still describe things as they were before CWYW - and unformated citations are a great way to go, but you can also do all the fancy stuff thru the right click on a formated reference and edit citation interface.  !

I don’t know who reads this forum, exactly but the question above is a good one. Endnote is an absolute mess in this area. It is supposed to be a piece of software for citing sources. I cannot imagine who could possibly think that this mess of a process is an efficient way to add page numbers. Endnote has only one job to do and that is to make this sort of thing easier. What use is this elaborate piece of software if one has to spend an hour poking around to do something as basic as a city a page number. I will definitely be looking for something more efficient that the process described here. Author, year, page number…it shouldn’t be this complicated.