Override "Pages" with "Cited Pages"

Hi there!

I already found a lot of threads around cited pages in this forum, however I have not seen any solutions for my little problem:

I have references that I use several times, which include sort of generic page numbers, e.g. pp. 1-10.

Sometimes I want to use this reference, but want to cite a specific page within the range, e.g. p. 5

I did this using the Edit Citation->Pages field, and also adapted the output citation templates, which currently looks like this:

 (Author Year, Pages, Cited Pages)

However, this is not yet want I want. The citation in the text then obviously looks like this:

 (Smith 2009, 1-10, 5)

Is there a way that I can change the template so that in case there are cited pages the “normal” pages are not printed? e.g. 

(Smith 2009, 5) 

And in case there are no cited pages, the pages are printed?

(Smith 2009, 1-10)

I hope you understand my problem, I know that it is not the best description, but I gave my best :wink:



There is not “if, then” structure in Endnote. – I would put the 1-10 in the cited pages field when you wanted that to show up. – However, how does a reader distinguish what you are intending? Usually the full page numbers are given in the full reference at the end, and no page numbers are given in the citation, unless you wish to highlight a subset with the “cited pages” functionality. That is what Endnote supports.