Cited Pages Problem


My current project wants citations to be in the following format: 

Van Wees (2004) 123

I currently have my citation template set to:

Author (Year)*Cited Pages

However, this produces results like the below:

Courbin (1957) ; Verdelis (1963) ; Parpao (1971) 81-2; Deilaki (1973) 99

It seems to be working when citations include page numbers, but I’m left with an unwanted space in citations without page numbers. I’ve been playing around with this for a while, but can’t seem to find a solution - can anyone help?



You just need to add the forced separation characters before the linking space and after the Cited Pages.  

Author (Year)|*Cited Pages|

Thanks, that’s solved it! They key seems to be the second forced separation, after the cited pages.

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