Ridding the colon

I’ve set the citation template to include page numbers. It works fine when there’s only one citation in the parenthesis–when I include a page number, it appears (along with the preceding colon), and when I don’t include a page number, the parenthesis closes after the cited year. However, when I have multiple citations in a parenthesis, all but the final one have a colon (and a space) appearing before the semicolon separator. Here’s the template:

(Author, Year[link adjacent text]:[space]Cited Pages)

What am I (or EndNote) doing wrong? 

Hello mdhughes72,

The problem is that you don’t have a separator to isolate Cited Pages from the rest of the format.

The format you’ll need is as follows…

(Author, Year[forced separation]:[link adjacent text]Cited Pages[forced separation])

This will make certain that the YEAR isn’t linked to the Colon, and instead, the Colon will be tied to Cited Pages.

The forced separation following Cited Pages will ensure that if there are no cited pages, everything properly linked to cited pages will be dropped from the format.

I hope this helps.

Thank you!