Problem when template fields are not necessary in certain citations


I am using the following template for Journal Citations in my footnnotes:

Author, Journal IssueYear, Start Page (Cited Pages)

Problem: When I am citing the first page of the article I don’t wnant to put the start page again in the brackets. I just want the citation to end after the field “Start Page”. Now I have a space after the Start Page which I cannot get rid of; or can I? Is there a function to tell endnote, that the space is part of the (Cited Pages) field and therefore only has to appear when I actually use the (Cited Pages) field?

Thanks for help.



Think so - the"forced separation character (|) followed by the “link adjacent character” (illustrated below by the asterisk) which can both be inserted into the template from the insert field dropdown:


Author, Journal IssueYear, Start Page|*(Cited Pages)|



Thanks a lot. This worked!