EndNote X5 - help with citing references in Word 2013


I am having a problem with the citation formta in my Word 2013 document. It is a large document (about 16k words), and I have many references cited in it via my EndNote x5 library. I am using APA 6th edition formatting. All of my citation formats in the body of the text (as well as the reference bibliography at the end) are being formatted correctly. 

However, about 3/4 of the way through the document, there is a citation that has a weird format? The citation is being imported to Word from my EndNote library as the following:

(P. Gordon & Scearce, 1995)

As you can see, the author’s first initial is being listed in front of the last name. This is incorrect. It should be cited like this:

(Gordon & Scearce, 1995)

I have checked the reference file on in my EndNote library and I cannot find anything wrong with it. I have also checked the reference bibliography and everything seems to be in order. I haven’t had any trouble with any other reference. When I try to list two references with this author’s name, it comes out like this:

(P. Gordon, et al, 1993; Gordon & Scearce, 1995)

So this problem seems to be with this author’s name as this is happening with two different reference files?

I don’t know if this matters, as it has not actually caused any problems whatsoever for me, but at home I use EndNote x5 and at the university I use EndNote x7, and I keep my EndNote library on my thumb drive so I can use it either at home or at my office.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong or why this might be happening?



** Update:

When I choose to show the cited reference as “Display as: Author (Year)” option, it is changing the citation to this:

P. Gordon et al. (1993); (P. Gordon & Scearce, 1995) 

This is incorrect. It should be displaying the reference as:

Gordon, et al (1993) and Gordon & Scearce (1995)

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks again


**Update:  Apparently deleting the reference in EndNote and then readding it as a new reference does not work.

You can’t apply that option to more than one citation.  So you would have to enter that as 

<inserted citation1> and <inserted citation2>  

(in edit)  

Oh, and Endnote is “disambiguating” your two Gordon authors.  You should make sure they are entered identically in the record, copy and paste one into the other, as even a random space or full stop will make endnote think they are different

Okay thank you. I will recheck this and let you know.