EndNote X7 changing to incorrect format

I have a paper that I am editing that already has multiple in text citations in APA format. However, today when I went into the document to move some things around whenever I add new citations to the document instead of apa format (author et al., year) it formats it as {author, year #26}. I double checked to make sure the style is still set to APA 6th but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it so that it will cite in APA.

Any ideas?


Couldn’t find an edit option

I just attempted to switch the Style to a different option and then switched it back to APA. This fixed the issue so that the current citations are correctly formatted. But if I add any new ones the same issue crops up.

What you’re seeing are Endnote’ s temporary citations which are displayed when the Cite While You Write feature has been turned off. To turn it back on go to the Endnote tab in the MS Word ribbon and select “Instant Formatting is On”.

Thank you for the help!