Citing an Abstract

Is there a way to designate an article as only an abstract and to cite it as such? The information that I am using comes only from this article’s abstract because I do not have access to the full text of the article.

For example, EHP would like the bilbiography in the following form:

Barbeito AG, Guelfi N, Varga MR, Pehar M, Beckman J, Barbeito L, et al. 2005. Chronic low-level lead exposure increases survival of G93A SOD-1 transgenic mice [Abstract]. In: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Beyond the Motor Neuron. Available: [accessed 14 April 2008].

But I can’t seem to make EndNote do that.

You would need to select or create a reference type that would contain the information you want to include, and then edit your output style to include a template for that reference type (say “published abstract” and insert the fields that you want to appear.