Endnote: Abstracts Post with Citation Insert/ how to stop ?

Abstracts Included with Citation: how to stop this

I’m happy that my citations from PubMed have included the Abstract, but I don’t want them when I insert a citation. What have I done wrong and how do I stop this ?     Help , on deadline !

What output style are you using? Depending upon the style the “Abstract” field might have been mistakenly added to the Citations template and need to be removed.

To check the Citations template:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit [name of the style you’re using].

  2. In the style’s dialog window, locate the section labeled “Citations” then click on “Templates”.

  3. Check the citation template and if the “Abstract” field is displayed, delete the field.

  4. Close the style to save the modification. Note that the change will be saved as a new output style with the word “Copy” added to the file name so change EndNote/MSWord to use the new file.

You are probably using the default out of the box output style, Annotations, which includes the abstract.  Rather than edit this output style, you should pick a more appropriate output style for the manuscript.  What publication are you preparing for?  Try “Author, Date” or “Harvard” as a better default.  There are also over 3000 styles available from the Endnote website.  the easiest way to get there is from the endnote program, Help, Web styles finder.  Then make sure you apply this style in word for the manuscript in question.  (from the endnote toolbar or ribbon). 

You can prevent the abstracts from appearing after each reference in the biobliography (as the in default version of the style ‘Annotated’) as follows:

Edit -> Edit Output Styles -> Edit “Annotated”

File → ‘Save as…’

[save the file as Annotated Copy]

Edit-> Edit Output Styles -> Edit “Annotated Copy”


… then in the ‘end each reference with’ field, you can delete the " → Abstract" field

(insert grumble about the nightmarish menu structure for editing styles…)

Others have answered similar questions with ‘change the style’ but if you want to keep all the other aspects of the style, e.g. Annotated, and just remove the abstracts from the bibliography, here’s how:

Edit -> Edit output styles -> Edit ‘Annotated’

File → Save as…

[Save a copy of the style so you don’t alter the original, e.g. as ‘Annotated Copy.ens’]

Edit -> Edit output styles -> Edit ‘Annotated Copy’

Bilbliography -> Layout

In the field ‘End each reference with’, delete the text in the entry that includes "¶ →  Abstract’ (see below).

(Insert grumble about hideous Endnote menu structures)