Citing archives in EndNote X


Just started using EndNote for my history research. I’ve no problems using it to cite books, but is there a way to cite archives and papers found within them using EndNote? I’ve not managed to find a way yet.


You would probably use the reference type “Manuscript”. If you create a new reference and choose that reference type, you will see the fields that are available to describe your reference.

The next problem is to find an output style which will format that information. The standard output style for history is probably Chicago 15A, but it isn’t configured to format references which use the Manuscript reference type. It will only format them using a Generic format.

The Turabian Bibliography output style is configured to format the Manuscript reference type. It formats data in the following fields of that reference type for the Bibliography:

Author, Title, Collection Title, Manuscript Number, Library/Archive, City

For the Footnotes, it formats these fields:

Author, Title, Year, Type of Work, Collection Title, City

I don’t know why it formats different fields in each case, but I’m not familiar with the Turabian manual.

You will probably need to do some editing of whichever output style you select. See the chapter of the EndNote manual on Bibliographic Styles.