Footnotes without Bibliography - Fine Detailing

I wish to suggest a feature to be added to Endnote that will help it conform to Turabian and Chicago styles.

Normally when a footnote is added a bibliography entry is automatically created in CWYW in MS Word. This can be turned off globally so that a bibliography is not created.

However, the Turabian/Chicago styles require something different. Most footnote entries require a corresponding entry in the bibliography, but certain ones do not. For instance, Classical, Medieval and well known reference works (to name a few) should be cited only in notes according to the Turabian/Chicago styles. To have a biblography for most notes, but excluding these ones is currently impossible in EndnoteX7.

The only way to work around this at present is to convert the document to plain text without the field codes and then manually delete the offending bibliography references. This becomes onerous if the document is to be modified in the Endnote active file since then the removal of offending bibligrapical references must be repeated again and again each time after the original file is edited/modified and the Endnote formatting updated.

I would suggest two possibile advances:

  1. Each reference in the Endnote library can have a flag as to whether or not they are included in the bibliography when cited in footnotes.

  2. When cited in MS Word using CWYW each footnote citaction could have an optional extension to the field codes that could be added after the @[page number] area to indicate as to whether this citation should be excluded from the bibliography. This second option would be my preference since it gives the best fine grain detail. However, both would work.

Endnote Customer Care suggested that I add this suggestion here after confirming that there was no solution for this currently within Endnote. 


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