Citing dissertations in APA - thesis doesn't work

Can anyone tell me how to use EndNote to create a proper entry for dissertations? I am at my wits end!! Thanks!

Which version of Endnote?

You just need to edit the styles “thesis” template in the output style to reflect what you are looking for?  Endnote X2’s (you can download the most recent APA5th from Endnote’s  website) looks like this:

Author |(Year). Title. Unpublished Thesis Type|,*University|,*City|. (stars are link adjacent ) and inputing the data for a record (using the inbuilt “thesis” reference type).  –

So how do you want it to look?  I put the title in mine as “Thesis: Name of the Thesis” and it comes out like this:

Lastname, A. B. (1991). Thesis: Name of the Thesis. Unpublished PhD, London University.

I prefer not saying “unpublished” so I would delete that from the template.  I also could have inserted the Academic Department, and Thesis Advisor in the template if I wanted them to appear. 

Hello! I am using EndNote XI and I would like the dissertation citation to look almost like a journal citation, with the UMI info. Here is an example:

Blocher, L. R. (1986). An analysis of college band instrumentalists’ detection of common performance errors. Dissertation Abstracts International, 47 (12), 4225A. 

Perhaps I should just use the journal citation option.