Citing online magazines with no author


I am having problems trying to get Endnote to shorten the title of the magazine article I have in my paper. There is no author so Endnote puts the title of the article in its full length. How do i resolve this problem? I just want the first two words of the long title.

Can you use “Anon” as the author?

what output style are you using? 

Replacing my previous reply with this.  If you look at your output style - (edit>edit output style (select yours near the top) – Anonymous Works – and change use full to use short title and make sure you have entered a short version of the title in the appropriate field in the record, (or it will default to your long title) – and save as, to a new name (especially if it was a default loaded output style)  – then make sure this new style is utilized in the Word ribbon (not enough to change to it in EndNote)  – see how it works.  

Which style are you using? Style guidelines vary concerning the use of short titles or “anonymous”. What may be acceptable in one style may not be acceptable in another so you should check the applicable guideline rules to ensure correct usage.